Grace & Gratitude – A short film about the power of perspective & art


A year ago Sarah Livesey was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumor. Shortly after this diagnosis, she had the idea to create a piece of art to represent all the love and support in her life, something from which to draw inspiration and strength from during challenging times to come. She reached out to Artist Ari Hauben to help realize her vision. Ari was so moved by Sarah’s positivity, perspective and approach to her circumstances that he knew this story should be shared and felt that the creation of this art would make an excellent vehicle to do so. Thanks to the help of talented filmmakers Cameron Femino and John Murnane, here is her story.


“The intention of this piece of art is to create a visual representation of all of the love and support that manifests through the healing journey. To highlight one’s ability to choose perspective and outlook on all things. To activate deeper levels of consciousness, by tapping into creative power. To use challenge as a platform for growth and inspiration. To access now for strength in the process and later as a reminder of this moment. To superimpose an image of what comes next, to help me, and others to heal.”  – Sarah Livesey


Sarah and her story have been incredibly inspirational to me. You just don’t come across people that often that can remain so positive, so consistently, under such challenging circumstances. As an Artist, you have very few opportunities to create something that has such a profound impact on somebody else’s life. I feel very humbled that I was able to create a piece of art that is able to provide such strength and support, for such an unbelievable women. I would also like to give a special thanks to Cameron Femino and John Murnane for making this vision come to life, without their time, effort and skill, this would have remained just an idea. And to Seth Hauben, for creating a home for the piece, so the story can be shared.


This piece consists of many of the things that Sarah draws from for strength and support. Including images that reflect her philosophy and beliefs, lyrics, poems, writings by her and her father, maps, photos, pattern and more. It’s 36in. X 60in. made from collage, spray paint, and epoxy on wood panel.

Grace & Gratitude Final Piece