My Style

Ari Hauben is a contemporary artist with a very unique style that he has developed through trial and error, happy accidents, and hours and hours of work in his Boston Studio. His style could be defined as blending pop and street art techniques into mixed media works. The process predominantly involves newspaper, epoxy, spray paint, and layering techniques that are integrated into a variety of visual platforms. Often times he constructs the images within his pieces using newspaper print from relevant articles for the dual purpose of creating meaning for the work, as well as adding an element of perspective.  This is because as the viewer gets closer to the artwork, the words begin to appear, giving the work added texture and revealing its underlying theme.

For example, in Boobs not Bombs, the entire plane is made from articles written about current wars being fought across the globe. Ari likes the idea of taking a passing moment, which usually has a one-day life span, and freezing it into permanent relevance.

My Process