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Above the Standard - Closed Until further Creativity

Above the Standard (an Education in the art of Mr. Hauben) ran from May 4th until June 15th and was seen by over 3,000 people. The show was featured by Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Improper Bostonian and many other media outlets and blogs. Above the Standard was a tremendous success and please stay tuned for Ari’s next endeavor.

The Making of Above the Standard

The Making of Above the Standard from GottaBeMinkya on Vimeo.

The Making of the Pencil Sign

The Message Behind Above the Standard

ABOVE THE STANDARD (an education in the art of Mr. Hauben) was a solo art show created by  Ari Hauben. Ari is a artist and Boston Public School art teacher and his show responded to the detrimental effects of the increasingly standardized and mechanized worlds of education and society.

Hauben investigated this theme through installations and artwork created from the very things we usually associate with standard education:  desks, tests, grades, etc. In addition this examination  lead the public through different styles of Hauben’s multimedia work which cover a broad spectrum of topics, styles, and materials that reflect his creative response to working “above the standards” and the positive outcome that can occur when operating outside these confines in all aspects of society.

Above the Standard was Featured on Chronicle,The Boston GlobeGlovebox and Yelp

Images from the Show

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About “Button Up”:

“Button Up”  – A Different Kind of Art show was presented by Ari Hauben in April 2014. Not only was this an art show but “Button Up” is also the public unveiling of the Boston Button Factory. Fort Point’s dynamic new Boston Button Factory is a homage to the vibrant history of a neighborhood that is rapidly changing its character.  Blending the industrial and artistic strands which dominated its past, the Boston Button Factory looks to keep this past alive by manufacturing huge artistic renderings of buttons which are used as stand-alone pieces as well as parts of larger exhibits.

The impetus of the Boston Button Factory came when vintage photos were found which documented the original use of the building by the Boston Button Co., a button manufacturer which dissolved in 1872.  In a nod to yesterday, the BBF harkens back to the days before cubicles, condos, and fancy restaurants to create a space where buttons are created, by hand, in large numbers through hard work and care.  These buttons, sewn into the fabric of the Fort Point’s heritage, are your opportunity to acquire a piece of Boston’s past and present before Fort Point continues its inevitable transformation into an exclusive, upscale enclave.

“Button Up” Opening Details:

When:  Saturday, April 26th 2014, 6-11PM

Where: Bostonbuttonfactory, 50 Melcher st. Boston MA 02210


Sneak Peak at the Buttons2014-03-04_1739




Polka Dot

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