Ari Hauben is a contemporary artist based in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. His work consists of multimedia works, which cover a broad spectrum of topics, styles, and materials.  He is a member of the Fort Points Art Community, his art resides in collections all over the country and beyond, it can also be found in many public spaces throughout the city of Boston. He has participated in many group and solo shows, including being featured in the Grand Opening of the Art of Americas Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Ari’s current style Ari Hauben is a contemporary artist with a very unique style that he has developed through trial and error, happy accidents, and hours and hours of work in his Boston Studio. His style could be defined as blending pop and street art techniques into mixed media works. The processes he uses involve newspaper, melted crayon, epoxy, spray paint, wood stain and layering techniques that are integrated into a variety of visual platforms. Often times he constructs the images within his pieces using newspaper print, vintage books, laser cut imagery. This build in meaning while allowing the main image to remain the focal point and as the viewer gets closer to the artwork, the words and images begin to appear, giving the work added texture and revealing its underlying theme. www.arihauben.com

The idea of form meeting function was born out of Ari’s belief that art can be both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing, something he embraced while getting his BFA in industrial design from RIT. He continued to explore and refine his styles and skill set while getting his MFA from BU. As a result of his experiences in both Industrial design and fine arts, Ari believes in not limiting himself to any one process or material.  Instead, he simply reaches for a solution that feels right for each individual piece of work.

In addition to creating compelling art, Ari also wears another hat: art teacher.  Known as “Mr. Hauben” to his students, Ari has taught for the past 15 years at a special education Boston Public High School designed for students who struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges. Exploring and creating art with these dynamic students ranging from 5 th -12th grade, Mr. Hauben has seen first-hand the impact of government mandated “educational reforms,” and as a result has dedicated his efforts to inspire students to produce art that allow their underutilized creative “intelligence” to flourish in the increasingly standardized educational world. In addition to working for the Boston Public Schools, Ari has taught, presented, and worked with many different institutions in Boston.  These endeavors include developing and leading workshops designed for both youth and adult programs at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Children’s Hospital, and other local institutions. He was the Winner of the 2018 Boston Educator of the Year Award 2018 from the Boston Public Schools (BPS), the City of Boston, and the Boston Teachers Union (BTU).